Culture Ideas and Strategy Incubator


Our interest in transforming the people in an organisation leads invariably to the transformation of the Organizational Culture i.e. Culture Change.  We infuse as much of the brand into its people which results in a synergized organisation whose corporate message and people are one. In transforming the culture of an organization, we focus on the internal communications of that organization.

Imagine your organisation has a new product that has taken several months for the research team to develop. You launch this product and expect people to come and buy it. A customer comes to your organisation to ask for this product and the front desk has no idea what they’re talking about. A call is put through to someone else in a different department who is also clueless and the customer storms out irritated.
This situation results from poor communication within an organization. Poor internal communication has plagued many organizations, and has been the downfall of quite a few. The absence of a structured and well- managed internal communications platform leads to misinformation, rumour mongering, sectionalism, internal rivalry and ultimately a lack of productivity. It’s tremendously important that your organization foster an atmosphere of openness and create systems that will lead to the freest flow possible of, not only information, but ideas, feelings, and a sense of shared purpose.
We are fully equipped to bridge the existing gap in the flow of communication, help you establish a cordial atmosphere between teams and set up efficient systems that will lead to good internal communication.


This solution is dedicated to organising Strategy/Planning Sessions targeted at ensuring goals are met in terms of organisational development and productivity. Our Team building and vision planning sessions are targeted at staff productivity and awareness of the organisations culture.

At CentriCulture Limited, the Hatchery is also responsible for the Business/Marketing Planning aspect of our organisation and is targeted at groups in need of new Out-of-the-box thinking and this includes:

  • SME’s
  • Start-up companies
  • Teams in Large Corporates/ Multinationals

Our services under “Ideas and Strategy” include but are not limited to the following;
Team Building
Corporate Strategy Workshop
Niche Event Marketing
Organisational Structure Analysis
Change Management
Customer Service
Consulting and Modeling
Brand Activation
Through the Line Marketing
BTL Platform Development